GOOD DAY FOR: Carnegie Hall roadies, as the four full-time stagehands at the 118-year-old concert hall had an average income of $430,543 in salary and benefits last fiscal year, while prop master Dennis O’Connell pulled in $530,044—a top-notch pianist would have to play the hall 27 times to earn that much. Only Artistic and Executive Director Clive Gillinson earns more than the stagehands, at $946,581. (Bloomberg)

BAD DAY FOR: Financial wizardry, after Windows 7 overtook Harry Potter as the top pre-order product on Amazon’s UK site. Windows 7 also sold more copies in its first eight hours than its Vista predecessor did in its entire pre-order period. In the past three months, the only Amazon UK product that’s sold more copies than Windows 7 is Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol.” (TG Daily, via Gizmodo)

Tuesday: Good day for high finance, Bad day for fiscal responsibility
Monday: Good day for taking a big cut, Bad day for business casual