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Results: In a new TV series, “100 Mile Challenge,” six families try to consume only food produced within a 100-mile radius. Since this is pretty much how every family lived a couple of generations back, we asked for the name of the next reality show where families struggle to live the way our grandparents did. You walked uphill both ways to send us:

FIRST PRIZE: 300-Minute Meals
Sara White, Scarsdale, NY

SECOND PRIZE: Zebediah and Kate Plus 8
Cynthia A. Gray, Ft. Collins, CO

THIRD PRIZE: Survivor: Tuberculosis
Daisy Michael, Westminster, MD


The Real Midwives of Orange County
Michelle Blechman, Deerfield, IL

Pimp My Buggy
Joseph Hanan, Los Angeles

This Old Outhouse
Richard Skowronek, Marietta, GA (and others)

Who Wants to be a Millner?
Yasmin Hahn, Albuquerque, NM

Who Wants to Marry a Cousin?
Stacey Dennick, Sebastopol, CA

Are You Smarter than an Ice-Box?
Brian Brunett, St. Clair Shores, MI

No Grain, No Glory
Jerry Ulsund, Hansville, WA

Survivor: Rotary Dial
Eric Jones, Seattle

Extreme Survivor: The One-Car Family
Sean Callan, Rochester, NY

Wife Keep
Kevin Wrede, Portland, OR

League-less In Seattle
(Confined to their neighborhood with no coaches or uniforms,
a group of kids attempts to play sports)
Sienna White, Boise

Pickles & Preserves? Yes We Can!
Mark Pumphrey, Pisgah Forest, NC

America’s Got Dysentery
Kim Butler, Pittsburgh

No McDonald’s Farm
Janet Gill, Paso Robles, CA

I’m A Millenial: Get Me Out of Here!
Barry Cutler, Palm Desert, CA