GOOD DAY FOR: French fries, after the Louvre defended its decision to let a McDonald’s and McCafe set up shop near the entrance to the famous Paris museum starting next month. Many Parisians are aghast, but the Louvre said McDonald’s “is in line with the museum’s image” as an international institution. McDonald’s, which will fill the museum’s “American” restaurant category, is celebrating its 30th anniversary in France. (The Daily Telegraph)

BAD DAY FOR: Olympic flames, after New Zealand’s Olympic Committee threatened to sue Olympic taekwondo contender Logan Campbell for using a brothel to raise money to participate in the 2012 London Games. Campbell, 23, said he spent $110,000 of his own and his parents’ money to take part in the Beijing Olympics, and is looking for a less burdensome way to raise money for London. The Olympic Committee said he was harming the image of the Olympics by tying it to prostitution. Brothels are legal in New Zealand. (Reuters)

Wednesday: Good day for Foster’s Beer; Bad day for originality
Tuesday: Good day for quality control; Bad day for positive reinforcement
Monday: Good day for Norwegians; Bad day for foodies