GOOD DAY FOR: Foster’s Beer, as popular Australian racing event the Bathurst 1000 is limiting alcohol consumption this year—to 24 cans of beer per adult each day, or 24 mixed drinks or four liters of wine. “Every year thousands of race fans attend and enjoy the event and Police will not allow their safety to be compromised by a drunken few,” said Assistant Commissioner Alan Clarke. (Reuters)

BAD DAY FOR: Originality, after 64 of the 10,000 Hotmail users who had their accounts hacked recently used the same password: 123456. All email users might want to consider changing their passwords, though—after the 10,000 Hotmail user names and passwords appeared on the site PasteBin, another 20,000 were shown to the BBC including Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and other accounts. (Wired)

Tuesday: Good day for quality control; Bad day for positive reinforcement
Monday: Good day for Norwegians, bad day for foodies