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Results: We asked you to come up with the name of a class taught by the new Conservative Studies Department at the famously liberal University of California at Berkeley.

FIRST PRIZE: Capitalism, Christianity and Monogamy: A comparative study of deviant behaviors
Thomas M. Culbertson, Spokane, WA

SECOND PRIZE: Right-Wing Capitalist Pigs: An Objective View
Robert Mill, Highlands Ranch, CO

THIRD PRIZE: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Mike Keeler, Pennington, NJ


Them 101
Andrae Gonzalo, Los Angeles
Comparative Studies of Conservative Critiques of Liberal Comparative Studies
Robert Brown, Cary, NC
The American Midwest: Toward a Geosocial Understanding of the Heteronormative Worldview
Seth Wylie, Cambridge, MA
From Birchers to Birthers: 50 Years of Right-Wing Loonies
Russ Witmer, Paris, IL
Robert Hogan, New York, NY
How to Form a Vast Conspiracy
George Bashara, Midwest City, OK
Things Your Mother Never Taught You…With Good Reason
Barbara Engel, Glencoe, IL
CSRWM 201: Understanding The Psychoses of the Right Wing
Cordelia Nickelsen, Berkeley (!)
Intro to Conservative Broadcast Journalism: Fox for Jocks
Dallas Lea, Poughkeepsie, NY
From Watergate Plumbers to Joe the Plumber
Eileen Kopec, Orinda, CA
Right-Wing Best Sellers and the Losers Who Read Them
Mark Levine, Cincinnati
Neokooks 101
James Matthews, Redding, CA

The Right, Even Though They’re Wrong
Nicole Mertineit, Salem, MA  
Who ARE These People?
Judy Beaver, Sequim, WA
Understanding Conservative Thinking (Still searching for a professor to teach this class)
Sally Swanson, Walloon Lake, MI