Here we go again, said Sharon Gaudin in Computerworld. "Just two days after Google News crashed, Google Inc.'s e-mail service, Gmail, suffered a disruption" Thursday. As Google scrambled to fix the latest problem with it's cloud computing technology, "frustrated Gmail users quickly took to Twitter to voice their frustrations."

The latest Gmail outage is "a bit of a bummer," to be sure, said Christopher Dawson in ZDNet. "Twitter, of course, is all abuzz with the latest #gfail and it’s already hit Google News, but I have to wonder if we need to simply adjust our expectations a bit and keep this in perspective." Google's cloud computing services are free "(or low-cost for businesses)"—so biding your time while the company fixes the occasional service disruption doesn't seem like such a bad deal.

"I have a legitimate reason to gripe about the Gfail," said Om Malik in GigaOm. My company depends on Google's Gmail and our paid version of Google Apps, so these Gmail outages keep us from getting work done. Google has a reliability problem: "If, like our little company, you run your business using Google Apps, you’re playing with fire."