David Hasselhoff has once "again" been hospitalized due to "alcohol poisoning," said Radar Online. The former Bay Watch star "had been drinking for more than a day" before finally being rushed to the hospital on Sunday when he "appeared to be in physical danger." Over the past few years, Hasselhoff "has been hospitalized with alcohol poisoning more than five times," and "has consistently been in denial about his severe alcoholism."

Hasselhoff seems to have a very serious problem, said Dr. Keith Ablow in FoxNews.com. He may need "a long period of inpatient rehabilitation, followed by more aggressive outpatient treatment, in order to stay sober and stay alive." Let's hope he gets a therapist who forces him to "look at his character": Many "therapists don't want to judge the alcoholic, but judging a man who collapses repeatedly in front of his teenage daughter and makes her worry about him dying is okay by me." (watch video of Hasselhoff, which was shot by his daughter)

"Hasselhoff says he wasn't drunk," said TMZ.com, and that "he wasn't even drinking, and yesterday's drama was all a misunderstanding over an ear problem." The actor's representatives said he "was being treated by his family doctor for an ear infection and was taking Antivert." He also takes Antabuse, "which prevents alcoholics from drinking," and "the Hoff's camp says the combination of drugs messed up his equilibrium." Hasselhoff did go to the hospital, but he was supposedly "released an hour after being treated."