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Results: We asked you to come up with the next word for a multitasking activity (or two, or three) and you tweeted/texted/emailed the following:
FIRST PRIZE: Teleshirking, for doing anything other than working from home while working from home.
Barbara Bates, Catonsville, MD
SECOND PRIZE: E-ting, for eating while emailing.
Richard Archer, Danville, CA  
THIRD PRIZE: Brakefasting, for driving while eating cereal
Marcia Murphy, Burlington, MA


Surfing the web while driving: Surfiving
Charles Baldwin, Darien, CT  
Driving while phoning: Droning
Marianne James, Ann Arbor, MI (and others)

Shlogging: Showering while blogging
Paul DeAngelis, Columbia, MD
Sweeting: Tweeting while eating candy
Lorri King, Cottonwood, AZ

Surfing the web while munching: Smurfing.
Shlomo Elpas, Los Angeles
Toilecommuting: Working on a project while in the bathroom.
Karl Elam, Mesa, AZ

P-mail: E-mailing from the bathroom.
Chris Haddox, Washington, MO (and others)

Wee-Mail: You get the idea.
Katy Rogan, Livermore, CA

Hysteriotyping: Composing an email while loudly complaining about the recipient
Christian Toth, Sunnyside, NY

Glenbexting: Composing an email while loudly complaining about Glen Beck
Doug Rued, Tucson, AZ

Meet & Tweet: Twittering during company meetings.
Nancy House, Nashville, TN
Texmexting: Eating tacos while texting
M. Elke Johnston, Tampa, FL
Subtexting: Texting while riding mass transit
Julia McGill, Keswick, VA
Stalking: Steering while talking on a cell phone
Holly Carrol, Arlington, MA

Crashing: Driving while texting
Harvey Leviton, Minneapolis