How "schadenfreudelicious," said Josh Marshall in Talking Points Memo. Calif. state Rep. Michael Duvall, "a married champion of family values and traditional marriage," resigned Wednesday after a local TV station aired a conversation picked up on a live mic at a committee hearing in which Duvall, a Republican, is heard "graphically boasting of his sexual encounters with not one but two mistresses (one of whom is a lobbyist with business before his committee)." (watch KCAL9's report on what Duvall said)

This is only a big deal, said Ann Althouse in her blog, because Mike Duvall is a "fun target" for people who don't like conservative politics. (watch Craig Ferguson discuss the Duvall sex scandal in his Late Late Show monologue)

Everybody should be outraged by Michael Duvall's antics, regardless of what party he's in, said Ed Morrissey in Hot Air. A married lawmaker brags about "sexual favors" from two women who do business with his committees—that's "as corrupt as it gets." Duvall belongs on the political scrap heap, if only for the "sheer stupidity" of uttering such filth over an open mic.

Duvall's hypocrisy is what makes this scandal so interesting, said Steve Benen in The Washington Monthly. Mike Duvall is a "family values" guy with a 100 percent rating from California's leading religious right group. So add another name to the already long list of "conservative Republicans who preach one thing and do the opposite."