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Results: We asked you for a message we could send to the recently discovered planet Gliese 581d that’ll still be true when it gets there in 20 years.
FIRST PRIZE: The cable repairman will be there Thursday morning.
Elkan Katz, Philadelphia
SECOND PRIZE: Cubs in World Series. Just kidding!
Bob and Fran Harris, Gainesville, VA (and others, similar)

THIRD PRIZE: Afghanistan Success in Sight.
John Eye, Lancaster, PA


Brangelina Duo Expecting
Heather M. Lehman Malinowski, Akron, OH
Mick Jagger rocks!
JoAnn Ingram, Pulaski, NY 

Nude pix surface of Am Idol finalist.
William Lebzelter, Buffalo Grove, IL
Greetings from Earth: Except for killing each other, it’s a great place to live.  Tickets for Cher's next Farewell Tour still available.
Irene Minerick, Bandon, OR 
We believe we are near to passing universal health care.
Helen Ferguson, Suwanee, GA  (and others)
The President's approval rate at an all-time low.
Ruth Turner, McPherson, KS 
Hot enough for ya?
Barry Cutler, Palm Desert, CA
Your message is very important to us.  Please stay on the line for the next available agent.
Keith Newman, Athens, Ohio (and others)
Will Number 1002 please go to Window 13 to get your Drivers License renewed?
Barbara Haller, Wilmington, DE

Hey, look, it's us! The blue planet. Third one to the left.
Douglas Townley, Buffalo, NY 

We Need Oil
Mathias Blake, San Francisco

Happy Belated Birthday.
Mary Lou Stamme, St. Louis, MO
Greetings from Queen Oprah
Barbara Bates, Catonsville, MD
Sean Ryan, San Jose, CA

Call us, we'll do lunch!
James S. Gary, Fort Lauderdale

stuck in traffic c u soon
Susan Murphy, Bloomingdale, NJ