It’s looking like satirical news site The Onion “wins the Internet,” said Adam Serwer in The American Prospect. First came its article on “the ‘afterbirthers’ demanding to see Obama’s placenta”; now The Onion is running a TV news debate on “whether or not using a Minotaur to gore detainees is, in fact, torture.” Three of the panelists are from fake organizations, but the fourth is identified as “simply a ‘columnist for National Review Online.’” (watch debate)

Funny, sure, said John Cole in Balloon Juice. But it’s also “depressing because it is such a realistic portrayal of our discourse.”

Yeah, well “everyone hates the Minotaur until it’s their mom hanging out the window of the 110th floor,” said Allahpundit in Hot Air. Anyway, if the Minotaur is the symbol of enhanced interrogation, which “mythical creature best represents our new, more enlightened technique of interrogating terrorists?” Given the soft touch of the Army field manual now used as our interrogation bible, “Tribbles, maybe?”