If you're participating in the online scurry to find Jasmine Fiore Playboy pictures, said Associated Content, cut it out. In the Internet age, nobody should be shocked that Web surfers are trying to find nude photos of a swimsuit model who was found murdered and mutilated in a Dumpster just days ago. But in this case it's especially strange, because the images "don't exist."

There's a simple explanation for the confusion, said Jenivieve Elly in Right Celebrity. "While she certainly is a gorgeous girl, and has many photos to proved it, Jasmine never posed for Playboy." She just worked for the the famous men’s magazine.

The scramble to find details about Fiore's life is easy to understand, said Gather.com. "I guess people are just curious about her life now that she's dead." But the "morbid" hunt for Jasmine Fiore Playboy pictures, once of the most searched items on the Internet this week, only makes a disturbing story even more sad.

"It was a grisly murder, the culmination of what seemed to be a fast life filled with parties, gambling, drinks, and violence," said Russell Goldman, Abby Tegnelia, Sarah Netter and Sabina Ghebremedhin in ABC News. But, as police search for their suspect -- Fiore's husband, reality TV contestant Ryan Alexander Jenkins -- Fiore's family wants the public to know they're seeing a distorted image of her -- she was really a "wholesome," kind "girl next door."