GOOD DAY FOR: Sweet autumn nights, after boutique ice cream parlor The Icecreamists opens in the basement of London department store Selfridges this November. Among the items on the menu is The Sex Pistol, an ice cream–absinthe cocktail packed with purportedly libido-boosting ingredients like ginkgo biloba, arginine, and guarana. There will be a one-per-customer limit. (The London Paper)

BAD DAY FOR: Gas guzzlers, as the electric Chevy Volt is on track to be rated at 230 miles per gallon. Pegging down the gas milage on Chevrolet’s flagship electric car, due out next year, has been hard, since the Volt runs for about 40 miles before using any gas; after that, it gets about 50 mpg. The draft 230-mpg rating is based on city driving. (