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Results: You batted this one out of the park. After a report that Japanese inventors had created robots that pitched, batted, and played baseball with amazing skill, we asked you for the name of the first all-robot baseball team. In addition to endless recombinations of androids/steroids—The NoRoids, The Aster-roids, the Roid-Free-Roids—you pitched us:
Sean McNew, Roswell, GA  (first of many similar entries)
SECOND PRIZE: The New York Clankees
Harry Halloran, Wauwatosa WI (first of many)
THIRD PRIZE: The Minnesota Tins
Lisa Thiel, Phoenix, AZ

The Boston Lead Sox
Richard Davis, Aztec, NM (and others)

The Oakland Ai’s
Brade Dore, Rocklin, CA

Bums of Steel
Joan Bullock, Wesley Chapel, FL
The Iron Giants
Jack Neugebauer, Blue Bell, PA (and others)
Nancy Case, Poughkeepsie, NY (and others)

The Metsons
Jason Jokerst, Columbia, MO

The Texas Instruments
Mark Kornick, Somers, MT

The Boys of Spring(s)
Joe Cutliffe, Palos Verdes Estates, CA

The Yankee Chippers
Mort Schwartz, Brentwood, CA

The Washington Rationals
Mayo Oppenhimer, Atlanta, GA

The Seattle Autopilots
Mark Benson, Waltham, MA
The Aluminum Batters
Peter Allman, Lincoln, NE
The No-Brainers
Judy North, Wausau, WI

The Cybertooth Tigers
Dale Ashworth, San Francisco
The Ballpark Frankensteins (Nickname: Ballpark Franks)
Thomas Marsilio, Wilkes-Barre, PA

The New York Yankees
Nik Maier, Minneapolis (and many others!)