The three women killed in Tuesday night's LAFitness shooting are the real story, said Jen Wielgus in, "but you can't deny the creepy, morbid appeal" of the photo of the alleged shooter, George Sodini, "and, above all, his incredibly sad blog." Sodini complains about being unable to find a girlfriend since 1985, and in his last entry, dated Aug. 3, he writes about what he plans to do. "Unbelievable."

George Sodini's diary offers "a rare glimpse into the mind of a suspected killer," said Lateef Mungin in Police believe Sodini, 48, walked into an aerobics class at the Pittsburgh gym, turned off the lights, then shot three women to death and wounded 10 others before killing himself. "Why do this?? To young girls?" said the Sobini blog, which then included a running log of how frustrated he was that he could not find a woman who found him attractive.

In the diary, George Sodini described how he planned the attack for months, said Sean D. Hamill and Anahad O'Connor in The New York Times, and practiced his "routine" so his attack would be "well polished." He lamented that he hadn't had sex in nearly 20 years, and said it was because 30 million Americans had rejected him. He said his diary should be left on the Internet because it might help others who can't get their lives together, but the Sodini blog was taken down early Wednesday.