The members of the Fort Myers Beach, Fla., town council wanted to avoid a scandal, said Gabriela Souza in the Fort Myers News-Press via USA Today. So they fired town manager Scott Janke when they learned that his wife, Anabela Janke, had appeared in adult films under the name Jazella Moore. Boy, did that move "backfire"—now national TV crews are on the scene, and e-mails are flooding in to protest Scott Janke's dismissal.

"As many would guess, the phone is ringing off the hook and the e-mails are many," said Fort Myers Beach Mayor Larry Kiker in the Cape Coral Daily Breeze. But the council did not fire Scott Janke because his wife, Anabela Janke, is a porn star. When the news got out, the town manager offered to resign because the coming "media blitz" would prevent him from doing his job, and he sure was right.

If the Fort Myers Beach council wanted to avoid negative publicity, said the Naples, Fla., Daily News in an editorial, it certainly went about it the wrong way. "Look at the national publicity glare their decision has attracted." The town's image has been tarnished by its leaders' "shock and disapproval." But the scandal might end up helping Anabela Janke—the publicity could really boost Jazella Moore's porn career.