President Barack Obama's delivery of the ceremonial first pitch at last week's All Star game "had absolutely no mustard on it," said Jeff Thomas in the San Jose Mercury News, but that wasn't the "most cringy part" of his performance. The president, you see, "was wearing mom jeans—high-waisted, baggy demin favored by, moms." And America's fashion police are aghast.

Barack Obama is the first to admit that he looked "a little frumpy" on the mound, said Amy Graff in the San Francisco Chronicle. The president says the important thing—to him, anyway—is that his jeans are comfortable. "Here's my attitude: Michelle, she looks fabulous," President Obama said. "For people who want a president to look great in tight jeans, I'm sorry."

Bloggers who have compared Barack Obama's "fashion sense to Urkel" may have a point, said Melissa Viscount in But stay-at-home moms might not be so quick to dismiss the president's attire as a "fashion faux pas." In fact, President Obama may be their new "fashion icon."