Angelina Jolie may not be satisfied with just being the world’s most powerful celebrity, said New Zealand’s 3 News. According to a report in the British tabloid Daily Express, “Jolie wants to be the world’s most powerful person,” president of the United States. That’s not unrealistic. The “actor factor” worked for Ronald Reagan, and U.N. goodwill ambassador Jolie already “talks the political talk.”

The odds are slim—100-to-1 according to Irish bookmaker Paddy Power—that she’ll “dethrone” President Obama in 2012, said sports site Betting Pro. But her odds get better in 2016, at 50-to-1, and better still in 2020, at 33-to-1. And Paddy Power gives Jolie an overall 20-to-1 shot at ever winning the White House.

Maybe Jolie’s chances would improve if Obama put her on his ticket in 2012, said Bill Dalton in the Kansas City Star, bumping the “often poorly spoken” Joe Biden. According to the Express source, Jolie “admires” Obama, and she’ll be 37 in 2012, so she meets the constitutional age requirement. And she did bump Oprah from the No. 1 slot on Forbes’ most-powerful celebrity list. So why not go for the No. 1 slot in political power, too?