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Results: Brrrrrrriliant! In light of the popularity of all things penguin and the fact that two gay penguins in a German zoo successfully hatched and raised a chick, we asked you to predict the name of the first movie to be made about them. You waddled in with: Two and a Half Menguins, Two Penguins and a Baby, Two Men and a Penguin. And –

FIRST PRIZE: Brokeback Iceberg.
Kyle Rimler, Terrell, TX (first of several similar entries)

SECOND PRIZE: La Cage Aux Poles
Janet Gillen, San Francisco

THIRD PRIZE: Hatch Me If You Can!
Dyann Wasilewski, Plains, PA


Brrrrokeback Mountain
Michael Salstein, San Francisco

Brokeback Penguin
Tom Evans, Pasadena

La Cage Aux Fowls
Doug Compton, Andover, NJ (first of several similar entries)

 “Out” in the Cold
Jennifer Schmidt, Chalfont, PA

Domestic Penguinship
Michael Eidel, Warrington, PA

The Iceman Nurtureth
Bill Muse, Seattle

Franz and Heinz plus Eins
Frank Letchworth, Knoxville, TV

Bill and Ted’s Eggsitting Adventure
Rick Cooley, Decatur, GA (first of several similar entries)

The Threepenguie Opera
Thomas J. Knott, Amherst, NH

Raising Antarctica
Lyn Martin, Essex, CT (first of several similar entries)

It Tux Two
Sam Sheagren, Carlsbad, CA

Two and a Half Tuxedos
Dan Rosenberg, Warren, NJ

Mona Prenoveau, Rockport, MA

Chick Flick
Cara Wilson-Granat, Rocklin, CA (first of several similar entries)