GOOD DAY FOR: Pot smokers, as a series of events, including dangerously eroding state budgets, is giving unprecedented hope to proponents of legalizing marijuana. They are finding surprisingly receptive audiences to their contentions that legal pot will save billions in law enforcement costs and bring in billions in tax revenue on one of the nation’s biggest cash crops. “This is the first time I feel like the wind is at my back and not in my face,” said Ethan Nadelmann of the pro-legalization Drug Policy Alliance. (AP in Yahoo! News)

BAD DAY FOR: Wine drinkers, after an increasingly vocal group of academics is trying to throw a wet blanket on the conventional wisdom that moderate drinking is good for our health. No studies have shown a positive causal link, they say, and it’s possible that moderate drinking is just something healthy people do, rather than something that makes people healthy. (The New York Times, via Lifehacker)