Good day for: Putting lipstick on a pig, after Hormel unveiled an ad campaign seeking to recast its legendary canned pork product Spam as an exciting addition to the recession-hit dinner table. Hormel's "Break the Monotony" TV and radio campaign offers novel culinary uses for Spam, including Spamaroni, Spam Lettuce Wraps, and Cheesy Country Spam Puff. Canned meat sales are rising as the economic downturn drags on. (AP in Yahoo! Finance)

Bad day for: Cheering the home team, as residents of suburban Birmingham, Mich.—outside Detroit—are gleefully preparing for Chrysler's takeover by Fiat, especially the expected relocation of 100-200 Italian Fiat executives. Among those looking forward to the changeover is boutique owner Karen Daskas, who hopes Italian expatriates may want to buy her $1,600 pairs of Chrissie Morris high-heel sandals. (Bloomberg) A federal appeals court approved Chrysler's sale to Fiat on Friday, but three Indiana pension and investment funds asked the Supreme Court to suspend the sale. (AP in BusinessWeek)