Using stun guns on children
Florida prison officials are apologizing for using 50,000-volt stun guns on children on Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day. State corrections head Walter McNeil said that 43 children were stunned at three separate prisons, most with their parents’ permission. Nevertheless, said McNeil, “I can’t imagine what these officers were thinking to administer this device to children.”

City to name park after racist and Nobel Prize-winning benefactor
The city of Auburn, Calif., has agreed to accept the gift of a 28-acre park, in return for naming it after a white supremacist. The park was a gift from the estate of the late William Shockley, who won a Nobel Prize in 1956 for inventing the transistor. After city officials voted to accept the gift, they were informed that Shockley was an outspoken racist who advocated paying African-Americans not to reproduce. “I sure don’t like naming a park after a racist,” said board member Scott Holbrook, but “I don’t go out and Google benefactors.”