Chicago Tribune
Equipped with the latest in high-tech gadgetry, this diesel enables driver and passengers to travel in style for nearly 600 miles without a refill. The smaller of the twin turbos starts the engine, then the larger turbo kicks in—“without turbo lag.” There’s also “no diesel lumber, clatter, or odor.” The BMW 335d also handles just like a sports sedan, despite a heavyweight power plant.

The New York Times
This sedan is one of the “most desirable” diesels yet. Though it may save drivers several hundred dollars a year in fuel costs, this is not just “a dollars-and-cents affair.” The engine emits 20 percent less carbon dioxide “than comparable gas engines.” Durability is another quality—the engine can run about 200,000 miles without any costly repairs. It also hits 60 mph in a “smoking” 5.8 seconds.

Car and Driver
“Forget the fuel-economy payoff. Just stomp the pedal and smile.” You’re not really going to save much money, especially given the sticker price. But the steering is precise, the ride supple, and the “massive punch” of the powertrain reminiscent of a 1956 Buick Roadmaster. Even if you don’t exactly know what torque is, this baby generates enough “to affect the rotation of the Earth.”