Call it the second coming of Cheesus, said David Gibson in BeliefNet. Last month, a Texas woman found a cheese curl snack that looked like Jesus on the cross, and now a woman from Preston Hollow, Texas, has discovered her own “Cheesus Christ.” These finds are becoming “a staple of the culture,” maybe because we’re all searching for meaning in our hum-drum lives. But spotting Jesus in snack food is a tad “blasphemous,” so the quicker we dismiss this nonsense the better.

Not so fast, said Associated Content. People are constantly reporting sightings of Jesus and the Virgin Mary in rock walls, oil stains on garage floors, dollops of chocolate, and, yes, Cheetos. Who are we to question the spiritual significance of these events? The resurrection of Cheesus only shows that “faith is where you find it.”

It doesn’t seem fair that Christians seem to have all the fun, said Rabbi Amy Weiss in the Houston Chronicle. Why don’t Jews see things in our food? Matzoh balls have potential, or, since cheese curls and other fried foods seem such fertile territory, maybe we should be searching for spiritual images in latkes. “Maybe we are not looking hard enough.”