What is Meghan McCain “angling for”? said Gawker. On Monday night, John McCain’s daughter was on The Colbert Report “droning on and on” about “how much the Republican Party needs to change its stance on just about everything, from gay marriage to sex education.” Is she just another "fame whore," or does she really think she can “become a ‘voice’ for a new generation of progressive Republicans”? (watch Meghan McCain on The Colbert Report)

Her appearance on The Colbert Report was “every bit the pattycake session you’d expect,” said Allahpundit in Hot Air, with the two “talkin’ sex and fun and jewelry” and so forth. And “oddly enough,” Colbert “didn’t think to explore the fact that’s she’s pro-gun or pro-life or pro-anything else that kids who watch his show simply aren’t supposed to be.” But to be fair, at least he had the guts to ask McCain “why she refuses to talk publicly about Sarah Palin.”

Actually, “The Colbert Report was quite good last night,” said Gina Telaroil in Take Part, and I’m not even a big Meghan McCain fan. But I like “that she is taking a stance on social issues and making the point that they do not define what it means to be conservative,” and that she’s showing “you can be religious and still support equal marriage rights.” Good for her.