Backpack with $8,160 saved by fireman's hose?
Parvin Jannati of Alton, N.H., thought she lost everything when a fire destroyed her home in October. But last week, during a town cleanup, Arie Johnston, 10, discovered a burned backpack containing $8,160 in cash across the street from the scene of the blaze. He promptly returned it. Police theorize that the parcel was thrown clear of the house by a powerful stream of water spurting from a fireman’s hose. Jannati’s family said they plan to reward Johnston for his honesty. “I hope my kids do the same thing,” said her sister, Parvaneh Anderson.

Cow escapes from slaughterhouse
A cow named Molly, who seemed destined to be turned into chopped meat, is now living peacefully on Long Island, N.Y. Molly had just been delivered to a slaughterhouse in Queens last week when she bolted from her trailer. After leading police and animal-control officers on a street chase, she was finally captured and placed in a city animal shelter. When the cow’s owner agreed to give up any claim to the animal, it was turned over to Rex Farr, who runs an organic farm and animal sanctuary. Molly’s neighbors now include two burros, more than a dozen goats, and a few ponies and sheep. “I’m a vegetarian,” Farr said. “No one will be food on my farm.”

Celebrating the prom in the hospital
Leah Westrick of Indianapolis was all set to attend her high school prom when she had to be hospitalized for an E. coli infection. But then a nurse suggested that the festivities be brought to her. So last week, Westrick’s boyfriend, Gabe Hulecki, several friends, and even the school principal gathered at a hospital atrium to surprise her with a pre-prom dinner. To top it off, Westrick and Hulecki were crowned prom queen and king. “I had no idea that my principal was going to be here, that I was going to get a sash, or they were going to crown me,” said Westrick, who is expected to make a full recovery.