Tilda Swinton has a complicated home life, says Amanda Fortini in TheDailybeast.com. The 48-year-old actress shares a house in Nairn, Scotland, with her 11-year-old twins and their father, writer and painter John Byrne. Also living under the same roof is Swinton’s current boyfriend, painter Sandro Kopp, who is 18 years younger than she is. “I have children with one person and am in a relationship with someone else,” says Swinton matter-of-factly. “The fact that there is no acrimony … that’s the only thing that’s remotely strange, and that’s really sad. I’m sorry for everyone that it should be so rare.”

Swinton says she has no problem compartmentalizing the various roles she plays at home, just as she takes on different parts in the movies. “I am very interested generally in the concept of identity,” she says. “The idea of living a multifarious identity is something that has always occurred to me to be absolutely the norm.” That’s why Swinton’s unconventional living arrangement does not strike her as the least bit odd. “You could say that everyone, at any one time, is a mother, a lover, a daughter, a sister, a neighbor, a colleague, an antagonist. I’m no more exotic than anyone else.”