It looks like Rihanna is wrapped up in yet “another scandal,” said Star. Just months after suffering “a brutal beating” allegedly “at the hands of her then-boyfriend Chris Brown,” nude photos “of a woman appearing to be” the pop starlet have been leaked online. And Brown appears in one of the photos, which is “prompting speculation that he's the one who leaked them.”

It’s not likely, said Daniel Kreps in Rolling Stone, as “the photos appear to have come from Rihanna’s cell phone.” And among the “various topless and bottomless pics” are “a couple of self-portrait photos, and one shot of Chris Brown with panties on his head, which argues against the popular Internet theory that it was Brown himself who leaked the photos.”

Not to mention the fact that there’s “significant doubt as to whether the photos in question are even actually of Rihanna,” said Access Hollywood, because the “more racy shots do not show the woman’s face.” And “Brown’s reps are disputing online accusations that their client had anything to do with” it.