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Results: We asked you to come up with a bumper sticker for Eliot Spitzer’s next campaign, should he, indeed, decide to re-enter—politics, that is. Coming soon to a bumper near you:

FIRST PRIZE: Wanna Do It Again? Spitzer!
Joe Turner, Dallas, GA
SECOND PRIZE: Spitzer: He Paid for His Mistakes (Regularly)
Bruce Meyer, Carlsbad, CA

THIRD PRIZE: yes, Yes, YES WE CAN!!!!!!!
Craig Palumbo, Venice, CA

Spitzer: Best Bang for the Buck
Jerry Gilbert, Hillsborough, NJ
A Chick in Every Pot
Nancy Heyen, McCalla, AL
Back on Top!
James Lister Smith, Mill Valley, CA
He’ll Knock Your Socks Off
Walt Bauer, Richmond, Ind

36-26-26 or Fight!
Reid Robash, Racine, WI
Spitzer: Nobody Does it Better
Donna Christensen, Hanford, CA
He’ll Work Nights for You
Pat Devney, Rochester, MN

It’s a Ho New Day
John Spiridakis, Boston, MA
Read My Lips: No New Foxes
Larry Fish, New York, NY

The Best Candidate, Pants Down!
Kim Cook, San Antonio, TX
What Would Bill Do?
Brian Gillespie, Warrensburg, MO
Spitzer: I’m On It
Joan Ewalt, Alpharetta, GA