How did Carrie Prejean “cement” her views against gay marriage? said TMZ. It looks like her parent’s “ugly divorce” may have had something to do with it. Court documents reveal that Prejean’s mother accused the beauty queen’s dad, Will Prejean, of being a homosexual, and alleged that he told their daughters all men with mustaches were gay.

“To be fair,” said Celebuzz, “Prejean's mother noted that accusations of gayness were a two-way street”—Mr. Prejean questioned her sexuality, too. And in the court records, Prejean’s sister “provides a graphic retelling of a weekend visit to their father's apartment,” in which she claims to have seen his roommate in bed with another man. It’s “no wonder” Carrie Prejean “can't seem to get her head straight about same-sex marriage.”

Well, we interviewed Will Prejean, said Radar Online, and he denied the accusations and “said the family is very close now.” He also claimed “his children were brought up to believe that marriage is between a man and a woman,” and thinks his daughter is being unfairly attacked by those that are intolerant of her “right to voice her own opinions.”