People with ordinary sore throats and fevers flood ERs
People with garden-variety sore throats and fevers are flooding emergency rooms nationwide, convinced that they have the swine flu. At one Bakersfield, Calif., hospital, none of the record-breaking 188 patients who came to the ER one day last week had the virus. “It’s a major drain on resources,” said hospital official Jarrod McNaughton.
The New York Times

Troops in Iraq more likely to die in accidents
American troops serving in Iraq are now more likely to die in accidents and other “nonhostile” incidents than at enemy hands. Between September 2008 and April 2009, 72 troops died in Iraq from accidents, illness, or suicide, compared with 67 who died in action.
The Boston Globe

New York Yankees halve the price of tickets behind home plate
With TV cameras showing patches of embarrassingly empty seats behind home plate, the New York Yankees have halved the price of the most expensive tickets at their new, $1.5 billion ballpark from $2,500 to $1,250. 
Foreclosures cause epidemic of “green pools”
Due to the spate of foreclosures, health officials throughout the West are dealing with an epidemic of “green pools”—reeking, abandoned backyard pools choked with algae and infested with mosquitoes. In Maricopa County, Ariz., officials expect 14,000 “green pool” complaints this year.
Los Angeles Times

Users spend an average of 3 billion minutes per day on Facebook
The 175 million members of Facebook spend an average of 3 billion minutes every day friending, poking, and otherwise messaging one another.
Condé Nast Portfolio