The next Supreme Court pick should be a woman, said Lauren Stiller Rikleen in The Boston Globe. "Women comprise approximately one-third of the legal profession," yet there is only one female justice on the nine-member high court -- Ruth Bader Ginsburg. When President Obama picks someone to replace retiring Justice David Souter, he should give women their due.

Here we go, said Don Surber in the Charleston, W.V., Daily Mail. With liberals in control in Washington, "gays want a gay justice. Hispanics want a Hispanic one. Women want a woman." Remember how boring it was when President Bush was around, and all his fellow conservatives wanted was someone who was qualified?

The short list of potential nominees is filled with qualified women, said Dahlia Lithwick and Hanna Rosin in Slate. Which, as always seems to happen in discussions of powerful women, means we're going to be treated to rumors that some of them are lesbians. The speculation and political opposition will be fueled by the fact that most of these women are "divorced or unmarried and childless" -- which really just tells you something about what it takes for women to succeed in the legal profession.