Escorting the salamanders
On rainy spring nights, uncounted thousands of salamanders, frogs, and newts scurry across small stretches of road from New England to Philadelphia during their annual mating migration. Many don’t make it, squashed by passing motorists. Now, thanks to the efforts of local conservation groups, the hapless amphibians are getting help from human escorts who scoop them to safety and direct cars around them. “It’s really cool,” said Kaitlin Freidman, 20, who recently did the honors in New Haven, Vt. “You feel like maybe you’re making a small reduction in their mortality rates, maybe, just for that hour or so.”

High school student pitches four consecutive no-hitters
Patrick Schuster of the New Port Richey-Mitchell (Fla.) High School baseball team has set a state pitching record with four consecutive no-hitters. Schuster’s streak, which began March 24, earned him coverage in The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, and ESPN; altogether he struck out 62 batters. This week, when a double in the third inning of his final game as a high schooler snapped his streak, the standing-room-only crowd of more than 1,000 gave him a rousing ovation. “It’s done now and I don’t have to worry any more,” said Schuster, 18. “I’m going to go hide in my room for a little bit and stay out of the spotlight and enjoy myself.”