GOOD DAY FOR: Choosing vodka, as Russia’s parliament is considering a law that would restrict several toxic ingredients in Russian beer, including lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, radioactive nuclides, caesium, pesticides, and ticks and other insects. Currently, there are very few rules governing beer production. (Pravda)

BAD DAY FOR: Finger food, after Serbian union official Zoran Bulatovic sawed off his pinky and ate it to protest wages and working conditions at the Raska Holding textile plant. Bulatovic says some of his coworkers haven’t been paid in years, and that he acted so his deputy, a single mother of three children, wouldn’t follow through with her threat to cut off her finger. “We, the workers have nothing to eat, we had to seek some sort of alternative food and I gave them an example,” Bulatovic said. “It hurt like hell.” (Reuters)