Meghan McCain is a straight talker like her dad, said Joe Gandelman in The Moderate Voice. In her latest Daily Beast column, Meghan McCain said it’s “creepy” that Republican strategist Karl Rove follows her posts on Twitter. GOP stalwarts will berate her for this, but the popularity of the blogging daughter of Sen. John McCain is evidence that young Republicans “don't like the style and attack-content of Rove-style politics."

The only people applauding McCain's "cheap shot" at Rove are people who never liked him, said Ed Morrissey in Hot Air. It's silly for McCain to make a fuss because Rove follows her on Twitter—the whole point of Twitter is to pile up a lot of followers. Singling out "someone who doesn't enjoy a great deal of popularity" just to make yourself "one of the Kool Kidz" is pretty mean-spirited.

McCain's latest column manages to be "solidly naïve," like most of her work, and "hilarious" at the same time, said Susannah Breslin in Slate. She wants to "set conservatives like herself, who find themselves attempting to blindly steer forward a floundering party, apart from the icky old guys like Rove." But it's funny to watch, because, "after all, she's just a Karl Rove creep in sorority girl clothing."