The mainstream media really showed its bias during the Tax Day Tea Parties, said Mona Charen in National Review. The major newspapers simply pretended that the grassroots uprising against President Obama’s “big government” spending didn’t happen. But CNN reporter Susan Roesgen was “downright confrontational” with participants at the Chicago tea party. (watch CNN’s Susan Roesgen clash with protesters)

CNN? It’s Fox News that showed its relentless bias at these phony protests, said Lee Ward in Wizbangblue. “Fox News Channel promoted the event for weeks,” (watch Fox News tea party coverage) and even all the hype from the conservative cable news channel couldn’t keep the tea parties from being a “dismal failure.” If they had been true grassroots events, more people would have shown up.

Fox News has "moved away from flogging the tea party story," said Verne Gay in Newsday. Now it's flogging CNN for flogging Fox. "Yes, it's confusing, but this is war—over ratings, money, stature, mindshare."