Focus on greens. Not everything’s destined for the microwave. But generally, if you can “steam it, you can microwave it.” Veggies can “retain more vitamins” and flavor than when cooked using traditional methods.

Timing is key. When it comes to heat, “you can always add, but you can’t take away.” So proceed little by little. If using an older recipe, cut either the “time or power in half”—ovens today are much more powerful. Some guidelines (in minutes): asparagus, two; artichokes, six; potatoes, four; spinach, one or two.

Experiment fearlessly. Eggplant can be “mind-blowingly good” if you just “pierce it all over” and nuke for about seven minutes. Crustless cakes and near-“miraculous” puddings can be made using “low heat.”

Source: The New York Times