Carlie Christine is the latest in a series of teachers to discover that posing nude is a bad career move, said the blog The Women on the Web. Christine, who—as Carlie Becker—was a cheerleading coach at Casa Roble High School in California, was named Playboy’s “Cyber Girl of the Week” in February. Carlie Christine got fired when parents of cheerleaders who were cut from the squad gave copies of the photos to the principal. Predictable—but is it right for teachers to be punished for doing something perfectly legal?

In a word, yes, said Emily Moulton in "Even though she didn't sleep with a student, or take pictures of herself engaging in anything sexual, it was completely careless of her" to "make her nude self so easily available on the Web"—to students, parents, and her bosses. But the parents who "tattled" are the real scoundrels.

Amen to that, said Canada's National Post in an editorial. "Appearing nude in a magazine is wrong. Photocopying the pictures so your kid can get even with the coach is acceptable. Welcome to modern parenting."