GOOD DAY FOR: Worshiping dog, as sales of Evanger’s kosher pet food rose sharply in the run-up to Passover this year. Evanger’s—which is certified kosher for animal, but not human, consumption—got a 300 percent sales boost from the 2007 recall of melamine-tainted pet food, from Jewish and non-Jewish dog owners, and it has kept most of those customers despite its higher price tag. But Jewish holidays like Passover, when the Torah requires ridding the house of all grains, are the periods of briskest business for Evanger’s. (The New York Times)

BAD DAY FOR: Gaining equal opportunity, after a new study found that overweight women in Britain were less likely to be promoted to upper management, while overweight men were over-represented in executive offices. Obesity was a career-limiting condition for both genders. (The Scotsman)