Jon Stewart has just claimed his next victim, said Jonathan Stein in Mother Jones. On “The Daily Show,” Stewart ruthlessly ridiculed conservative commentators who are “shrieking about America’s descent into tyranny” under President Obama. (watch Jon Stewart’s bit on “Baracknophobia”) Stewart’s on target—“when the federal government is doing all sorts of things that you disagree with, it doesn't mean that America is becoming a fascist state. It just means you lost.”

Some of the conservative movement’s messengers might be doing a bad job, said Peter Wehner in Commentary, but there’s no use denying that Obama is “attempting to alter, in deep and lasting ways, the relationship between the state and its citizens.” You think it’s funny that some people cry tyranny, fine, but the “massive, centralized state” that Obama is pushing will not only choke off economic recovery—it will reduce our “political liberty.”

Surely we can agree that at least a few conservative crazies are going overboard, said Alex Leo in The Huffington Post. Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann has said Obama wants to put our kids in reeducation camps; Fox News’ Sean Hannity even congratulated her on her fight against tyranny. Funny, we didn’t hear a peep from them when George W. Bush was reducing “American freedom, transparency, and states’ rights.”