Sarah Palin really blew it, said Rebecca Traister in Salon. The “media-savvy” Alaska governor could have “crossed her fingers and hoped nobody would tune in” when she learned that Levi Johnston— “her daughter’s ex-boyfriend and baby daddy”—had granted an interview to talk-show host Tyra Banks. “Not Sarah Palin!” Instead she rebuked “her loose-lipped would-have-been son-in-law” the weekend before the show aired, virtually assuring that Johnston’s appearance would be “must-see TV.” (watch Tyra Banks' chat with Levi Johnston)

The Left will create opportunities to embarrass and attack Sarah Palin no matter what she does, said Erick Erickson in RedState. When she was the Republican vice presidential candidate on John McCain’s ticket, the Left depicted Levi Johnston as a “thug and redneck,” and regaled us with “tales of what a loser the Palin kid slept with.” Now Johnston will be “greeted as a hero by the Left because boosting him hurts Sarah Palin.”

It’s a safe bet that this isn’t the last we’ll hear of Levi Johnston, said Ryan Tate in Gawker. His interview with Tyra Banks was a keeper, from his gratuitous admission that he and Bristol Palin didn’t always practice safe sex to his claim that he’ll have to sue the former GOP vice presidential hopeful to get more frequent contact with his 4-month-old son, Tripp. “Given that Sarah Palin is one of the few obvious, plausible Republican candidates for president in 2012,” Democratic activists are probably “splicing the choicest Tyra tidbits into an attack ad right now.”