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Results: What’s good for General Motors is good for the country, and that seems to be Rick Wagoner’s exit from his post as CEO. That means that, just like the rest of us (more or less), Mr. Wagoner may soon be sprucing up his resume. We asked you for a line or two he might put on there. Thus we read lots of, “Brought company to an unprecedented level.” “Completely transformed an American icon.” “Stand-out work caught attention of President of the United States.” And if you’re hiring, please consider:

FIRST PRIZE: During a period of great economic uncertainty, acquired more than 300 million new investors for GM.
Mark Eisenberg, Phoenix, AZ [and others, similar]

SECOND PRIZE: Worked hard to make GM stock more affordable to average Americans.
Dave Hall, Pittsfield, MA

THIRD PRIZE: Turned GM into one of the best known small businesses in America.
Hank Martinson, Sonoma, CA

Honorable mentions:

Created countless hours of leisure time for tens of thousands of company employees and potentially millions more nationwide.
Jim Abraham, Pittsburgh

Outperformed Wall Street giants Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns.
Travis Tymoczko, Harrisburg, PA

Reduced production costs while increasing inventory.
Larry L. Emsweller, Munster, IN

Attained hours of free advertising.
Carrie Alton, New York, NY [And others, similar]

For my last employer, I negotiated a contract with the United States Government for $13.4 billion.
Phil Shelton, Kailua-Kona, HI [And others, similar]

Reduced GM's carbon footprint.
Adam Bujak, Palatka, FL

Made the critical decision not to re-launch the Corvair.
David Weisberger, New York, NY