“Uh oh!” said Hilary Lewis in The Business Insider. A “DVD-quality rip” of Fox’s first big summer film—X-Men Origins: Wolverine—has been leaked online, just a month before its official release date. “It's likely this early release will have a major impact on Wolverine's opening weekend box office.” (watch the trailer)

There hasn’t been “a piracy leak even approaching this magnitude” in quite some time, said Josh Tyler in Cinema Blend. But I don’t think it will have “any real impact on box office receipts.” Nothing tops watching a movie in a theater—“just because you have the MP3 doesn’t mean you don’t go to the concert.”

Who knows how this leak will effect Wolverine’s box office numbers, said Rick Marshall in MTV.com. But it’s important to keep in mind that the version online “isn’t the final cut of the film”—there might be “significant differences in plot points between the bootleg film and its theater-ready counterpart.”