Click here for results of last week's What Next? Contest: Recession/Depression

Results: Aw, you shouldn’t have… In light of the President’s rather generic gift to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and family (model Marine One helicopters for the boys, a DVD gift set for the parents), we asked what Obama could give that represents the U.S. in a more distinctive way. You presented us with: AIG stock, a sub-prime loan, 1000 hours of Bernie Madoff’s community service, an IOU, a rubber check, an empty piggy bank and, saving the best for last, a year’s subscription to The Week. You also came up with:

FIRST PRIZE: A foreclosed vacation home with a Hummer in the driveway.
Jim Ashe, Phillipsburg, NJ

SECOND PRIZE: A bonus of $160 million, paid for by U.S. taxpayers 
Morgan Booksh, Austin, TX  (first of many such submissions)

Bruce Gerber, Coventry, CT

Honorable mentions:

A sub-prime loan.
Nikhil Gehani, West Bloomfield, MI

Bernie Madoff.
Mike Murray, Flushing, NY

A Costco membership.
Lesley Smith, Hermosa Beach, CA

An unemployment check, an outrageous medical bill, and a Wii game.
Miles Klein, Frisco, TX

A pack of Marlboros, a John Deere baseball cap, and 35 extra pounds.
Alan Limke, Cincinnati

An SUV with an empty gas tank and a Wal-Mart gift card.
Greg Ourednik, Mason, OH

A tasteful velvet painting of Tim Geithner, Bernie Madoff, and Rush Limbaugh playing poker.
Joel Schmidt, Pleasanton, CA

A Visiting Head of State Tax Bill.
Elinor Weldgen, Williamson, NY

A few newly minted trillion dollar bills.
Bob Lane, Oshkosh, WI