Regroup. Find an excuse to “ask your boss for feedback.” See what your co-workers think of you, too. Then heed their advice, even if it’s difficult: “You (literally) can’t afford not to.”

Stand out. Figure out what you can do to make yourself indispensable. Be enterprising and pitch new projects. “Companies need risk takers and innovators” now more than ever.

Plan for the worst. Start expanding your skill set, “network” as much as you can, and seek out “potential employers.” If you’re in a hard-hit industry, start thinking about how you can “apply your experience” to a new field.

Don’t be stupid. Even if you’re worried about your current position, don’t post a résumé online, unless the site has “airtight privacy.” If your employer gets wind of it, you could be automatically “kicked up to the top of the boot list.”

Source: Wired