Law enforcement in Tenaha, Texas
Police in tiny Tenaha, Texas, have pulled over 147 motorists on their way to casinos in Louisiana and threatened to charge them with serious crimes unless they surrendered their cash, jewelry, cell phones, and even their cars, according to a new class-action lawsuit. Police say the seizures—almost all from nonwhites—target drug traffickers, even though in these 147 cases, no drugs were found. “We try to enforce the law here,” said Mayor George Bowers.

Amish man's outhouse lands him in jail
A Pennsylvania Amish man was sentenced to 90 days in jail because he refused to modernize his primitive outhouse. Andy Swartzentruber said his religious principles forbade him from obtaining permits and installing a holding tank for waste from the facility, which was used by about 20 schoolchildren. "I will take a stand for my religion,” said Swartzentruber. “If I don’t, it could destroy the whole church group.”