“Poor Tucker Carlson,” said John Cook in Gawker. The conservative political commentator’s “career was sidelined by Jon Stewart in a cruel sneak attack five years ago,” when Stewart embarrassed Carlson on his own show by accusing him of hurting America. (watch the video) Now Carlson is picking a new fight with his old tormentor by saying that Stewart’s recent criticism of CNBC’s Jim Cramer was “incoherent.”

Well, it was, said Tucker Carlson in The Daily Beast. Cramer and his ilk didn’t cause the economy to collapse, and they certainly didn’t cover it up, which would have amounted to voluntarily passing on the scoop of their careers. Stewart’s old punching bag, George W. Bush, is gone, but instead of updating his game he’s attacking “straw men and pipsqueaks” with the same, tired routine.

Carlson does a “pretty good job” of taking Stewart down a peg, said Michael C. Moynihan in Reason. And he’s not the only one—The Washington Post’s Richard Cohen attacked the Daily Show’s "fake crusader journalism” a day earlier. (read his column here) Maybe the “anti-Stewart backlash has finally commenced.”

Carlson’s “ill-informed tirade” embarrassed Carlson, not Stewart, said Tommy Christopher in AOL News. Carlson claimed Stewart only attacked Cramer once the CNBC stock-picker turned on President Obama, but that’s flat wrong—Stewart mocked Cramer, among other people, for talking up the economy a year ago. (watch the video) Tucker Carlson isn’t trying to defend Cramer—he just wants belated revenge for the drubbing Stewart gave him on Crossfire.