Alex Rodriquez is in the spotlight again, said Reid Cherner and Tom Weir in USA Today. The New York Yankees superstar is featured in the current issue of Details magazine, and although the article about him isn’t all that informative, the “arty photo work”—including a shot of A-Rod kissing himself in a mirror—is sure to “become a talking point around MLB locker rooms.”

Players in the Yankee clubhouse yesterday “snickered” at that photo, said Kat O’Brien in Newsday, and promised to make fun of their teammate for it. But what’s less amusing is that A-Rod did the Details interview shortly after being confronted about failing a drug test in 2003. “Although on the verge of being outed as a former steroid user, he seems relatively relaxed in the interview.”

None of this really matters, said Buster Olney in “Alex Rodriguez has nine years and about $275 million remaining on his contract, and he'll probably outlast everybody currently in the organization not named Steinbrenner.” And as for the photos? A-Rod is “increasingly viewed as the eccentric uncle in Yankees' family,” and his teammates have learned to “live with his personality quirks.”