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Results: In light of the fact we seem to be stuck somewhere between a recession and a depression, we asked you to give us a name for our current economic situation. You replied: It’s a Dispossession (the favorite of many). An Oppression. A Confession (“We spent too much!”). A Duression. A Repercussion. Constiflation. Or maybe it’s a –

FIRST PRIZE: Messession
Stacey Hockaday, Moreno Valley, CA (first of many such submissions)

SECOND PRIZE: Sucksession
Bill Bernsau, Jacksonville, FL (first of many such submissions)

THIRD PRIZE: Regression
Theresa Gray, Harrison, NY (first of many such submissions)

Honorable Mentions:

An Economic BamBush
George McKeel, Crossville, TN

Rob Armstrong, Seattle

Excessus Interruptus
Donna Hartley Lucas, Gallatin, TN

Morass Whuppin’
Rob Mazzotta, New Kensington, PA

Michael K. Smith, Porter Ranch, CA

The Severe Asset Reflux of 2009
Bob Perry, Milton, Mass.

Trekonimics: Going where no economy has gone before.
Philip T. Cianchetti, Tallmadge, OH

EOTWAWKI (End of the World as We Know It)
Adam Kupec, Pittsburgh

Manic Recession
Xuân Mai Võ, Boston (first of many such submissions)

Kathy Doty Koehler, Edina, MN

A Bear-Session (as opposed to a Bull Session)
Emily Bortz, Bluffton, SC

Bad Time for Bonds-Oh
Bill Salyers, Burbank, CA

The Econocataclysm
James Ryan, Westchester, IL

Gene Huntley, Elkhorn, WI

A Sub-Prime Quag-Dire
Philip Wood, Princeton, NJ

An I-Need-A-Therapysession!
Melissa Russell, Austin