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Results: We get male! With men experiencing 82 percent of the latest layoffs, we asked you to come up with the name of the first day time talk show—and topic—for new stay-at-home dads. You tuned in with: Maid Men. The Brew (a bunch of guys on bar stools dishing the day’s news). Supermarkets and Supermodels. Welcome to the Vacuum. My Sofa, Myself. Live from Mars. Wait Till Mommy Comes Home. And, for many reasons, The Shaft. We can’t print some of the suggestions for typical topics, but suggestions included: “Starting a rock band.” “Investing your sofa-cushion change.” “Dinner: Will yours satisfy her?”  “How to do the laundry so badly she’ll never ask again.” Quite a few entrants suggested that the perfect host for the show—regardless of what it was called—would be none other than Bill Clinton.

FIRST PRIZE: The show: Let’s Not Talk About It.
Today’s topic: “I’ve lost my job and no, I don’t want to talk about it.”
Heather McArdle, Manhattan

SECOND PRIZE: The Martha & Jon Stewart Show
Today:  “Recycling:  Martha makes wonderful origami animals out of unemployment checks and Jon gives them cute names.’’
G. Kramer, Manhattan

Today: "What Women Don't Want Us to Know”
Eric E. Wallace, Boise, ID


Today: “Where’d she put it?! And when is the right time to call her?’’
Laure B. Ammering, Rochester, NY

Today: “Everybody gets a sports car!’’
Tom Walker, Manhattan

Macho in the Morning
Today: “Mowing the lawn in your business suit: Networking or just plain nuts?’’
Amy Goldin, Princeton, FL

Five O’Clock Shadow
Today: “Build your dream shanty!’’
Jim Farina, Palatine, IL

Today: “How to drive a mini-van like Steve McQueen’’
Bob Linfors, Miami